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Eggu Fry 2 is a freeware from which allows you to create and compile code in your own language without having to purchase a developer license (such as C). As with the previous version of Eggu Fry, this version only has 3 file types: PE, ELF and PEEX. Instructions for the use of Eggu Fry 2 are as follows: 1) To install Eggu Fry 2: 1) extract Eggu Fry 2 to the folder of your choice 2) double-click on the icon called eggufry.exe 3) select the language (for example, C) 4) press the start button to run Eggu Fry Injecting code into an existing eggu fry 2 app (in either binary or source mode): 1) open the existing app using eclipse, code::blocks,.... 2) select the "run" button (NOT the EXE button) 3) add the following code: { jmp $putafile+0x1a1; } 4) save the file (eclipse calls it a source file and others may call it a script) 5) go to the app and run it You will see that the app will function as normal; however, a manual analysis of the address indicated by $putafile will reveal that a new script was injected. Please note that the $putafile location will be different for different languages, so pay attention to this when creating your own scripts! Features: - Add your own #include files - Global variables - Calls - Alternate function calls - Error handling - Nested-inside-calling-calls - Shutdown calls - Subroutines - Shuffle-order calls - Call to "main" function - No need to compile the script - No need to set a permissions - No need to debug the script - No need to edit files - No need to place the script to the folder of your choice - No need to compile the app - Uses standard libraries - Put your own library files - Compile to binary and source file - Compile to ELF - Compile to PE - Compile to PEEX - No need to set the CRT - Compile to PE32 - Compile to PE32NB - Compile to PE32R - Compile a5204a7ec7

Nisaki's Folder Hider is an easy to use utility which allows you to hide folders and files. Nisaki's Folder Hider permits you to browse and add folders/files you wish to conceal. Select and conceal folders and files and click [hide] button to hide folders and files. Click [unhide] button to unhide folders and files and also to easily browse hidden files/folders. Nisak's Folder Hider can work in concealed mode. Limitations: ■ Requires lock to run the tool ■ Only works on Windows XP/Vista and Windows 7/8 ■ Doesn't open folders and files that are currently running (like the explorer.exe) ■ The run in hidden mode (by default) ■ Press [esc] key to close the tool ■ You can't unhide single file or folder. You have to unhide all the files that have been hidden. ■ Only hide/unhide folders which has files In View > Toolbars... click Button | menus | Edit | Current Selection... and uncheck the Hide Items below the View menu (still might need to check "Hide all toolbars... will still make the Tools Menu stay on the screen). How to Reset Textures on a Sculpted Character As of TFT 2008, you can now reset textures to their original settings on sculpted characters. First, you will want to select the character. For default it will usually be on the Character Select screen. Next, you will want to open the Texture Editor, and go to the drop down menu in the Texture Editor and select "View" > "Show Texture". Next you will want to click on the character to make sure it is selected. Under the texture header, there will be a small Edit button. Click on this, it will open a context menu. Next select the "Option" item from the context menu. This will bring up the context menu again and it will have the option of "Reset Texture" in the items. Click on this and you will see the texture settings in the top left-hand corner. How to make clothing look like a mini zip? A good trick to make clothing look like a zipper on clothing is to use the [u]normal[/u] option in the [u]up, down, left, right,

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